Emlid Reach RS+

EMLID REACH RS+ - RTK GNSS receiver with an app as a controller

  • For survey and navigation with centimeter accuracy
  • Ready to work right out of the box
  • Protected from water, dust and falling
  • ReachView app

Point stakeout

Point Stakeout feature available in the app allows you to import a list of points of interest. Follow the app’s guidance to reach the exact spot.

Importing formats: DXF, GeoJSON and ESRI Shapefile.


RTK for your Agriculture

Reach RS+ is able to provide precise coordinates over Bluetooth/Wi-Fi to your tablet with a lightbar navigation app.
RS232 interface allows to connect Reach RS+ directly to an autosteer system.

Solution formats: NMEA, ERB, plain text.

Compatible apps: MachineryGuide, AgriBus-Navi, Efarmer.

REACHRS Agriculture.jpg

Base Station

Use Reach RS to set up your own base station. Stream corrections over the network via NTRIP/TCP or LoRa radio. Record base logs for post-processing.

Correction format: RTCM3.
Log format: RINEX.

Work with correction services

You won’t always need to set up your own base station. Standalone Reach RS can receive corrections data over the Internet from your local NTRIP provider. No special devices or software are required, all you need is a smartphone.


Correction and log formats

VRS supported.

Reach RS Specifications


  • BeiDou B1, Galileo E1, SBAS
  • 72 tracking channels, IMU
  • Update Rate 14Hz GPS / 5Hz GNSS


  • RTCM2, RTCM3 corrections
  • NMEA, ERB, plain text solution output
  • RINEX2.X, RINEX3.X logs
  • 8GB internal storage


  • Static horizontal: 5mm+1ppm
  • Static vertical: 10mm+2ppm
  • Kinematic horizontal: 7mm+1ppm
  • Kinematic vertical: 14mm+2ppm


  • Charging over Micro-USB
  • External 5-40V input
  • 30 hours on battery
  • FCC and CE certified


  • IP67 water and dustproof
  • 145mm x 145mm x 85mm size
  • 690g weight
  • Operating in -20+65°C


  • LoRa 862-1020 MHz radio
  • WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n)
  • Bluetooth (4.0/2.1 EDR)
  • Interfaces - USB, RS232, PPS, Event