Computer Boards (DCB)

Under the DUIB is the Dingo Computer Board (DCB). This is the brain of the Backbone. The options range from the ever popular Raspberry PI variants through to a mighty i.MX28 version. Numerous interfaces are supported (version dependant) including Fixed Ethernet, WiFi, USB2.0, RS232, RS485, Serial, TTL, 1-Wire, I2C and SPI ports. All have onboard Real Time Clock (RTC) and support a wide operating temperature of -20C to +85C. Expansion connectors link the DCBs to the DUIB above and the DBB below supporting different display variants and allowing connection to the vast array of Plug-in (PG) boards available.


DINGO Raspberry PI-ZERO Computer Board
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Designed to work with Raspberry PI 3+ , 3 . 2+ , 2.
Providing additional features such as Real Time Clock, Serial Interface
Is designed to take adavantage of a single Dingo PG Plugin Board.
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Interface Board
Control your IoT using your Windows comupter or Linux Machine
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