DINGO IoT... THE hardware and software solution for monitoring and controlling distributed devices

Different Protocols, Very Easy Interface - All in one box!

Making IoT Easy in a variety of applications such as:

Building Automation
Industrial Control
Street Lighting
Sensor Monitoring
Smart Grids
and More

If you can think it, Go-IoT can provide it


Computer Boards (DCB)

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Click to EnlargeDINGO-CB-PI_COM1-01
  • DINGO Raspberry PI COM1 Compute Board
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-CB-PI_COM3-01
  • DINGO Raspberry PI COM3 Compute Board
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-CB-PI_COM3-02
  • DINGO Raspberry PI COM3 Compute Board
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-CB-PI_ZERO-01
  • DINGO Raspberry PI-ZERO Computer Board
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-CB-PI_ZEROW-01
  • DINGO Raspberry PI-ZEROW Computer Board
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-CB-IMX6ULL-01
  • DINGO i.MX6 Computer Board
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-CB-ATXMEGA-01
  • DINGO ATXMEGA Computer Board
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-CB-TESTBOARD-01
  • DINGO Breakout Computer Board
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-CB-PI3-EXPANSION-01
  • DINGO Raspberry PI3 EXPANSION Board
  • Designed to work with Raspberry PI 3+ , 3 . 2+ , 2.
  • Providing additional features such as Real Time Clock, Serial Interface
  • Is designed to take adavantage of a single Dingo PG Plugin Board.
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-CB-USB-EXTENDER-01
  • Interface Board
  • Control your IoT using your Windows comupter or Linux Machine
  • N/A

    Under the DUIB is the Dingo Computer Board (DCB). This is the brain of the Backbone. The options range from the ever popular Raspberry PI variants through to a mighty i.MX28 version. Numerous interfaces are supported (version dependant) including Fixed Ethernet, WiFi, USB2.0, RS232, RS485, Serial, TTL, 1-Wire, I2C and SPI ports. All have onboard Real Time Clock (RTC) and support a wide operating temperature of -20C to +85C. Expansion connectors link the DCBs to the DUIB above and the DBB below supporting different display variants and allowing connection to the vast array of Plug-in (PG) boards available.

    User Interface Boards (DUIB)

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    Click to EnlargeDINGO-UB-LED_LCD-01
  • DINGO LED and LCD Display Board
  • LEDs: 17 Dual Red & Green LEDs
  • LCD: 128 x 64 OLED 1,3” Graphic LCD
  • N/A

    Uppermost in the box is the Dingo User Interface Board (DUIB). This is visible through the front of the DIN-Rail box. Variants range from a simple 17 LED panel to a full 320x240 2.2 inch QVGA LCD with backlight.

    Base Boards (DBB)

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    Click to EnlargeDINGO-BB-2ST-01
  • Dingo Base Board 2 Position
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-BB-3ST-01
  • Dingo Base Board 3 Position
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-BB-4ST-01
  • Dingo Base Board 4 Position
  • N/A

    The bottom board is the Dingo Base Board (DBB). This board is used for connecting to external sensors and actuators. In addition to this the DBB also holds connections for up to 2, 3 or 4 Plug- Boards (Dingo PG). Base board customisation is also available.

    Plug-in Boards (DPB)

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    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-AI4-01
  • Opto Isolated 4 Channel 18bit ADC Plug-in
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-DALI-01
  • Dingo Lighting Controller
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-GSM_3G-03
  • DINGO GSM/3G Modem Module
  • GSM Quectel UG96
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-MBUS05
  • Opto Isolated MBUS Plug-in
  • Interfaces upto 5 MBus Meters
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-MBUS80
  • Opto Isolated MBUS80 Plug-in
  • Interfaces upto 80 MBus Meters
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-NB_ENOCEAN-01
  • DINGO NB-EnOcean Module
  • EnOcean Transceiver TCM310
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-NB-HART-01
  • DINGO NB-HART Module
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-NB_IOT-01
  • DINGO NB-IOT Modem Module
  • Quectel BG96 GSM Module
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-NB_LORA-01
  • DINGO NB-LORA Module
  • Lora Transceiver RN2483A
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-NB-RADIOCRAFT-01
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-NB_SIGFOX-01
  • SIGFOX Transceiver Module NM002-EU
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-PINGO-01
  • PINGO Plug-in
  • Data on power-lines in Accordance with CENELEC EN50065-1 1992 Class 134 (industrial)
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-PSU-01
  • +12V Power Supply Plug-in
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-RS485-01
  • Opto Isolated RS485 Plug-in
  • RS485 4 Wire – Full Duplex
  • 2 Wire – Half Duplex
  • 120R Termination Resistors – Switchable
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-WINGO400-01
  • WINGO 420-470MHz Plug-in
  • RF Transceiver CC1200
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-WINGO900-01
  • WINGO 868-930MHz Plug-in
  • RF Transceiver CC1200
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-WMBUS-01
  • WMBUS Plug-in
  • WBUS Transceiver Module AMB8626-M
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-XBEE-01
  • DINGO XBEE Plug-in
  • RF Transceiver XBEE - Silicon Labs EM357 SoC
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-USB-01
  • USB Plug-in for DINGO baseboards.
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-PG-NB_CASCODA-01
  • CA-8210 SMARTRange Transceiver Modem
  • N/A

    The Dingo Plug-ins (Dingo PG) add I/O or communication specific features to the Backbone. Such as: ADC, Data over Powerline, EnOcean, HART, Homeplug, DALI, LORA, mBUS, PSU, Sigfox and ZigBEE. Custom Plug-ins are Also Available

    Dingo Casings and Accessories

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    Click to EnlargeDINGO-BOX-2ST-01N/A
  • Box for Dingo 2 Position
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-BOX-3ST-01N/A
  • Box for Dingo 3 Position
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDINGO-BOX-4ST-01N/A
  • Box for Dingo 4 Position
  • N/A

    Dingo Casings and Accessories


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    Click to EnlargeDingo Software StackN/A
  • Complement Dingo Hardware with the Dingo Software Stack.
  • Cutting Edge BACnet/WS
  • Accessible from a Web Browser
  • N/A