Advanced Control, Autopilot, Real Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning and RTK GNSS products designed for use in Drones, UAVs and Other Unmanned Vehicles. Complete, Affordable Solutions, from Emlid


For all applications requiring GNSS/GPS there is a new, highly affordable range of high precision products recently launched by Emlid. Emlid's products allow users to collect precise data (cm accuracy), land or even pilot a drone using a very simple hardware setup.

Affordable Highly Precision GNSS/GPS for the masses

Previously accurate data collection has only been available to a very niche market. This is due to the limitations incurred because of prohibitive costs and the technical expertise required to utilise the high performance GNSS/GPS Receivers. Emlid solve this problem.

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Drone Control

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Click to EnlargeEdge
  • EMLID EDGE - Advanced drone controller with HDMI video input and 5.8 GHz data link
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeNavio2N/A
  • EMLID NAVIO2 - Autopilot HAT for Raspberry Pi Powered by ArduPilot and ROS
  • N/A

    High precision accuracy/drone control

    GNSS/GPS Module

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    Click to EnlargeREACH M+
  • EMLID REACH M+ - RTK GNSS module for precise navigation and UAV mapping. Works with REACH RS acting as a base station
  • REACH M+ Replaces Emlid Reach
  • N/A

    Affordable, Highly accurate, Precision, GNSS/GPS modules.

    RTK GNSS/GPS Receivers

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    Click to EnlargeREACH RS+
  • EMLID REACH RS+ - RTK GNSS receiver with an app as a controller
  • Reach RS+ Replaces Reach RS
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeReach UAV mapping kitN/A
  • Reach UAV Mapping Kit
  • Reach RS+, Reach M+, Antenna
  • Optional Camera hot shoe adapter
  • N/A

    Highly accurate, precision, RTK GNSS/GPS Receivers


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    Click to EnlargeCamera Hot Shoe AdapterN/A
  • Camera Hot Shoe Adapter
  • Emlid For Reach M+
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeDamping platformN/A
  • Damping platform
  • For Reach RS+
  • N/A
    Click to EnlargeLoRa Radio AdapterN/A
  • LoRa Radio Adapter
  • For Reach M+
  • N/A

    Adapters and accessories for use with Survery Equipment, UAVs or Drones