GreenEdge™ 9-72VDC / 24VAC Quad-output, 2kV-Isolated, Power SoC with two integrated 1.25A regulators and I2C Management

  • Digitally Isolated Programmable Power
  • Power Management
  • EMC Compliance and Protection

Primary-Side DC-DC Controller

  • High-efficiency DC-DC Controller with Digital Optimization
  • Integrated Primary-Secondary High-Voltage 2kV Digital Isolation
  • Programmable Primary Clock Frequency

Secondary-Side Power Outputs

  • Output #1: Sync Controller with programmable power-FET timing for high efficiency at both light and full loads
  • Outputs #2 and #3: Fully integrated Buck Regulators w/1.25A FETs
  • Output #4: DC-DC Controller for Buck, Boost, or LED Driver
  • High current capability on Outputs #1 and #4
  • Programmable PWM Frequencies

Key Applications

  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Access Control and Building Management Systems
  • Automotive Power and Infotainment Systems
  • Industrial Ethernet and Wireless Systems
  • RFID readers
  • Point-of-Sale Terminals
  • Multi-rail Isolated Flyback Power Supplies