High Performance, Customisable Wireless Solutions, based on the Qualcomm QCA955x wireless SoC’s
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Power management ICs that offer efficiency, performance and advanced features to facilitate remote and intelligent network-based energy management. Akros solutions help manufacturers of electronic equipment create more efficient and advanced products at reduced costs, while enabling end users the ability to reduce energy usage.
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Compex Systems design and manufacture WiFi modules which are individually calibrated to the highest quality in their manufacturing facilities.
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Wireless Audio Made Simple
Audio products designed to provide simplicity while offering home connectivity.
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Discreat and Elegant
Audio products designed to provide High Quality home connectivity.
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Advanced Control, Autopilot, Real Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning and RTK GNSS products designed for use in Drones, UAVs and Other Unmanned Vehicles.
Complete, Affordable Solutions, from Emlid
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GEO Semiconductor is the industry leader in programmable, high performance geometric processor ICs featuring the highly acclaimed and patented eWarp geometric processor, H.264 CODECS, as well as video, audio and human interface technologies. GEO is focused on smartphone peripherals, automotive cameras & HUDs, Cloud Cameras and Smart/Skype TV communications as well as CCTV (Fish-eye) surveillance & video communication markets.
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Infomart is a global pioneer in the design, development and supply of Power over Ethernet (PoE, Hi-PoE, PoE+, PoE Plus, Ultra PoE) "Powered Device" (PD) products under the brand name PoweredEthernet™. Infomart offer highly efficient (88% typical), cost effective Powered Device (PD) solutions from Power over Ethernet Splitters through to highly integrated SIP and Embedded PoE modules. They offer fully IEEE802.3af & IEEE802.3at compliant solutions ranging from 5W to 45W and beyond.
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Inpaq manufacture GPS antenna products for computing, communication, consumer electronics, and automotive electronics.
Chip Antennas, FM Antennas, GNSS/GPS Antennas, Wi-Fi Antennas, Multi Function Antennas.
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Maxtena are a wireless innovations company that designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of embedded, external and custom antenna solutions for GNSS
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Develop next generation multi-constellation GPS chipsets & receivers. Used in high interference applications such as urban, industrial environments and railway stations. Double the number of satellites available from GPS and GLONASS constellations ensures higher availability of navigation signals. Products include Chipsets, Modules and associated EVK’s.
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Septentrio designs, manufactures and sells highly accurate GPS/GNSS receivers, for demanding applications requiring accuracies in the decimeter or centimeter range, even under difficult conditions.
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Tallysman’s Accutenna® technology uses an accurately tuned, wider bandwidth, dual feed patch element providing higher fidelity reception that yields improved multipath rejection and better output phase linearity.

Accutenna® technology antennas are available for reception of GPS and GLONASS, and wider band antennas are available for reception of Galileo, BeiDou, GPS and GLONASS constellations.
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Designers and Manufacturers of 4G / LTE Antennas, 3G / GSM Antennas, 2.4 / 5.8GHz WiFi Antennas, ISM & RFID Antennas, GPS & 4G / LTE Antennas
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